Jawbone Jambox

“Your Music. Your Colors. Your Creation.”

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Bose SoundLink

‘Your music. Make it vibrant.”

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Beats Pill+

“Small Size. Big Sound.”

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JBL Flip 3

“Hear  The Truth.”

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ICEORB Floating Bluetooth Speaker

“Because Amazing is not Enough.”

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Using Bluetooth Speaker

“Music has no language barrier”. Whether you understand its language or not, you can feel what kind of music the singers want to convey. Maybe it’s one of many reason why everybody around the world like and often listen to it. Music has been in existence for centuries. But many years ago, it must be unimaginable to carry around a wireless speaker while listening to your favourite music. Speaker is a device which is capable of producing audio output by converting electromagnetic waves into sound so listener can hear the musiclearn more

Advantages of Using Bluetooth Speaker


Enable you to get more portability of using it. You can take it everywhere… more

High Quality Sound

Despite of its portable size, bluetooth speaker produces an impressive sound… more

Affordable Price

Regarding the price, bluetooth speaker actually has a wide range of price… more

Suitable for 'Sharing'

Music is meant to be shared and although some think it’s just for oneself … more


AMAZON ECHO Bluetooth Speaker Review

Amazon recently has launched their newest home audio speakers called Amazon Echo. It was designed in cylinder shape with seven microphones and beam forming technology. Playing all kind of songs from Prime Music, Pandora, and other applications won’t be a problem because it suitables for many kind of music applications. With 360º omni-directional audio, your room will fill with immersive sound.

It greatest advantage is allowing you to make command with just voice control. Hearing your voice around the room even when you still listen to loud music. It also can provide information, answer questions, read the news, and many more. The only thing you need to do is ask by saying a wake word at first. Amazon echo can also help you to control your home device, such as lights and switches without laying a finger on it. The more you speak with it, the more it getting smarter.

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